New imaging technology for the Chai Lab

Spring 2015

Dark Field Microscopy is a special technique which illuminates the sample's periphery, and can produce dramatic images on a dark field background.

Phase Contrast Microscopy uses the unique property of light and different phases of the wavelength to capture light that otherwise would not be available and also enables the imaging of objects that would otherwise be transparent.

Perspective is everything. This is new exciting technology for Varadaan (and friends) to work with, exciting enough that he is wanting to share with a community of interest. In a way this is like taking off a blindfold - we are able to now see a world that was hitherto invisible. In this case it represents a whole new vantage on the Gunas of Ayurvedic herbs and substances, in addition to bringing some modern principles of biology etc into the lab. For our work this is a significant development, a capability desired for several years. Everything so far is remarkably beautiful, and the sacred herbs and substances of Ayurveda seem to be especially worthy of our Darshan!

What a treat for the eyes!


Guduchi Sample'

A stunning darkfield image at 150X

Guduchi in phase contrast at 150X

Guduchi in phase contrast at 600X


Shilajeet Sample

A stunning oil condenser darkfield image at 150X

This oil condenser darkfield image at 600X is rather interesting - is this Mother India?


First Sample imaged by VLP (Vibrant Lotus Products)

Imaging from a purchased prepared slide and has NOTHING TO DO with our products.
Nevertheless this bee's tongue at approx 80X with darkfeild, phase contrast and conventional imaging (from top, counterclockwise) is striking and also illustrates the power of these techniques.