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The Matrix:
12 Sectors of the Seed Logos and
8+ Levels of Spiral Dynamics

Imagine an apple slicer
moving down through the Spiral . . .
12 Sectors x 9 Levels = 108 Cells

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An Esoteric Dimension
of Spiral Dynamics

In the past few years there have been some developments in the realm of Spiral Dynamics, at least those seriously thinking about the model.

Essentially now, we see two different camps, one being what might be called an "orthodox Gravesian" group, which cleaves to a traditional perspective whereby the spiral model is limited to worldviews proscribed by psychological modeling. The creators of the color coded Spiral Dynamics model, Don Beck and Christopher Cowan are cleaving to this perspective, and upon review, perhaps well they should. The other camp, including Ken Wilber and the "Integral community" have latched onto the concept of a transpersonal layer, a third tier that resides beyond turquoise. Indeed, when I (Ben Lipman / Varadaan) was learning about the model from Don Beck, Don was working closely with Ken and teaching the concept of a third tier, with at least a Coral layer, beyond turquoise.

Now, I don't yet fully grasp what has happened, but there have been some differences of opinion on this, and well, there has been some evolution in my own understanding of human evolution as well. So, here in the "esoteric" corner of the site, an attempt will be made to shed light on this issue. Perhaps it will help those who are curious about this dimension, who need to know more.

Meanwhile, bear with me, as this material is being created right now, and is not ready to post here, just yet. . .
But, you can go into the 10 level MATRIX, which is being constructed.