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Spiral Dynamics

The Conceptual framework for understanding the dynammics of social evolution, as offered by Spiral Dynamics, originates with Jungian archetypes and the work of Clarence Graves.

Don Beck, one of Dr Graves students, has done much to bring the understanding of Spiral Dynamics into the world. There is now a book titled Spiral Dynamics, Don has offered many workshops worldwide, and in the past years, the Spiral Dynamics model has been adopted by Ken Wilber, integrated with his 4 quadrants psycho-spiritual model, and thus Integral Everything includes, now, an understanding of the Spiral Dynamics model.

In this material there will be more focus on the integration of Spiral Dynamics with the Seed Logos Model, which is built on top of universal spiritual archetypes for the range and domain of human experience, which happens between earth and sky.

If you are unfamiliar with Spiral Dynamics, the core thrust of this website, THE MATRIX, will not make much sense until you at least obtain some familiarity with the conceptual framework of Spiral Dynamics. Thus:

We are developing our own on-site introduction to the Spiral Dynamics model. In the meantime go and get the pamphlet described below.

• For an excellent introductory pamphlet, available at the site offered by "What is Enlightenment?" magazine. For that, click the link to the right, for the pamphlet and enter any e-mail address to download that .pdf, which is highly recommended.

• Don Beck and Christopher Cowan have a book on Spiral Dynamics is available on Amazon, and he is still around doing workshops. Click on the book image to the right (or below) if you are interested in getting one.spiral dynamics book