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Earth Stewardship - Turquoise

The Turquoise worldview is related to a sense of the whole, not merely a superficial understanding of the concept of holography, but a deeply understood, perhaps even felt sense, of being part of a holistic reality, truly integrated with all life systems.

At Sector Three, Earth Stewardship

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Authentic herbal medicine, when a connection to the plant kingdom is not entirely scientific, but something more, may be a Turquoise level medicine. David Crow, in his book "In Search of Medicine Buddha" explains how a fully integrated medical system, such as Ayurveda or Tibetan medicine, which is built on the Indian system called Ayurveda, has this quality:


Us, Ours, Them, Kin, Spirits, The Gods, Sacrifice, Offering, Tribe, Cult, Belonging, Appeasing



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Culture of

Native American Tribal artistic and cultural identity with the land would be an example of an S:1 * L:P Culture of Sustainability cell, reaching into S:2. So the principle of stewardship for 7 generations, which is highly revered by modern green level (L:G) folks, actually has a deep root at this level, though arguably it may even have aspects up into third tier. However, any tribal cultural association with the land and relating to respectful relationship to land, people, etc, begins with this cell.