The Skylight Room is aptly named with its huge circular skylight. The room measures 480 square feet (20.5 X 24.3 sq. feet). It will comfortably fit about 15 people, depending on the activity. The east wall is mirrored, and the west wall sports large windows facing an enclosed patio. A small stereo system is provided.

The Big Room is 1260 sq. feet and has a limit of about 62 people with chairs, 40 max with yoga mats, and 30 max with Feldenkrais mats (28 X 45 Sq. feet with a wood stove/plants on the west side that take up 10.5 sq feet and 28 sq. feet used by the DJ station in the SE corner and a cabinet of 7 sq. feet in the SW corner). It has a beautiful sprung wood solar heated oak floor, and sports beautiful curtains and track lighting. Backjack and folding chairs as well as folding tables are available. 4 large and 9 medium-large cozy carpets can be used for seating as well. A stereo system for general use is provided, and another more sophisticated system with a mixer that can handle microphones is available, with some training. We also have a digital projector that is available for and extra $20 rental.

The Lotus Room, formerly the old downstairs office, is smaller than the Skylight Room (Approx. 147 sq. feet) and is now a beautiful, open space, with lots of windows, shades and a curtain separating the room from the Stairway. It has new track lights, a painting of Buddha on the West wall, and a Ganesh from India on the East wall. This room can fit up to 10 people comfortably and is especially suitable for quiet, meditative groups and gatherings. This is where Varadaan teaches Ayurveda classes.


Location! Location! Awesome Location!

The corner of 3rd and Pearl.

We are on the West edge of Downtown Boulder.
Enjoy being out of the parking hassle,
in a Quiet spot just off Canyon Boulevard.
It's an easy walk to downtown,
Boulder Creek and to trails and Open Space.
The Boulder Creek Path is just across Canyon Boulevard.

Awesome Location!


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